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We believe in simplifying the coffee procurement process for our retail and wholesale customers. Inspired by a visit to a New Zealand coffee house where our only options for coffee were ‘black or white!’. The business owner was so confident in his coffee he kept it simple and also offered a money-back guarantee! Needless to say, it was one of the best coffees I’ve ever had.

We love the idea of keeping very focused on each and every roast to learn the characteristics of each bean to produce the best coffee possible. We don’t offer numerous beans from different places, instead, we offer an excellent seasonal house roast and a naturally stripped decaf. Roasts change with the seasons but they are always organic, fairtrade, seasonal and delivered to you plastic-free.



Quality Ingredients

Sourced from seasonal plantations using the finest quality beans. This ensures our coffee tastes great but also pays fairly to pickers and growers.

Ethical throughout

We work with fair trade and rainforest alliances to ensure our business doesn’t have a negative environmental or social impact. We always opt for plastic-free packaging too.

On it’s way to you!

We use next day delivery partners to get our coffee to you ASAP – fresh and ready to use! Our wholesales customers are invited to use our refillable canisters to avoid excess packaging and waste.

BLOOMS house

Our current house roast is a single-origin grade 1 coffee bean from Peru , the Gonzilla estate provides organic and ethically sourced coffee.

BLOOMS Dusk Decaf

DUSK decaf

Dusk is our dingle-origin decaf roast from El Salvador.  This is a rain forest alliance accredited bean and benefits from a mountain water decaf process with notes of chocolate and butterscotch. Dusk is perfect for any occasion and great for both espresso and milky coffees.

Seasonal coffee

Enjoy our seasonal coffee produced from high quality beans and small-batch roasted for better consistency

Substainable delivery and storage

We have been racking our brains wondering how to re-design the sending of coffee beans in single-use packaging. We did it !  Using storage cannisters with Co2 valves and delivery partners we have redesigned coffee delivery for retail and wholesale customers

Small batch, ethical coffee roasted in Marlborough

We source our coffee from seasonal crops throughout the year, buying only the best premium-grade coffee beans from ethical suppliers and alliances. All of our coffee is roasted in Marlborough, Wiltshire on our drum roaster. Each roast is looked after from beginning to the end with no sign of software programmes just a good old fashined stop-watch, our eyes and a good sense of smell!

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